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Mrs. Linda Roy, 2nd grade

In December 1989, I moved to California after teaching in Colorado and New York. I had just finished my master’s degree. I have been at Katherine since 1996. I started as a resource (SAI) teacher, but have been in 3rd and 2nd since 2005. I started my educational journey in 1979 at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. My 2 boys, both grown and living in Pennsylvania and Colorado, frequently come to visit.  We all enjoy visiting our family outside Chicago and in North Carolina when we get the opportunity. Family, a love for travel, and cooking and enjoying our time together over a meal are our treasured memories.

My personal philosophy on education is:

  • All children are like sponges and can/want to learn.
  • Parents are the first and most important influence on their learning.
  • The ages between 0-5 set the foundation of learning.
  • High expectations work.
  • Communication, reading, and language are a requirement at the beginning.
  • All children learn differently and at a different rate.
  • Successful students have parents/family that value and talk education!