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Para Educators

Mrs. Karen Little

I always wanted to be a teacher and for five glorious years I was. But then life got more complicated and I thought I would take a little time off. Through the years, I kept pretty busy, working in preschools, volunteering at Katherine Elementary School, which both my children attended, and teaching the religious education classes my children were in. I also tutored for the Adult Literacy Program, but it only reminded me how much I liked to work with children. Eventually I decided it was time to get a teaching job again but jobs seemed to be scarce and I was nervous about my rusty skills. I thought I would get my feet wet again with an instructional aide job. After a few years I was offered a position at Katherine. I grabbed it. I think I can probably say that I have made more trips to Katherine than anyone else on this campus and I am happy to say it. Katherine is my second home. I'll go back to teaching someday, but only as a substitute. Teachers work too hard!

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