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My Story

I have always loved children. I knew at a young age from babysitting, working at camps, volunteering with children at church, that being a teacher was my calling and passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else and hope I get to do it for a long time!

We moved a lot when I was growing up and I had a variety of teachers and different schools. I always loved school. One of my favorite teachers was my 6th grade teacher. She made school fun. Her enthusiasm was one of my favorite things about her. She brought in fun activities to help us remember things. I always try to do that for my students to embody the excitement I felt as a student.

I got hired at Katherine Elementary School right out of college and haven’t looked back. I was drawn to the staff and the family-feel at the school. I still am! I can’t imagine being anywhere else and being more blessed with great coworkers, students and families. CROCS rock!